Ally's Atelier is line of unbearably cute bags and accessories hand sewn in the fabulous USA.

After dropping her purse in a busy NY subway station and watching it’s entire contents splatter in every direction, owner and creator Allison Ferrara decided she needed a solution to the piñata time bomb she carried on her shoulder.  She started searching for a zip up bag that could fit all the loose contents of her purse but that could also be conveniently stashed in her handbag without gobbling up all the space.  A few lipgloss explosions and less then cute solutions later, she made the decision to make her own bag.

 Versatile oilcloth in an incredibly adorable design matched with a perfectly contrasting zipper grabbed the attention of nearly every cashier that laid eyes on her purse solution.  Everyone wanted to know where they could get one, and thus Ally’s Atelier was born!